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By Any Other Name, Ch. 6

Title: By Any Other Name
Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong
Genre: An AU / Non AU hybrid
Rating: PG-13
Words (this chapter): approx. 3100
Warnings: Some use of strong language
Summary: "Jaejoong, stop messing around. You're part of DBSK, along with me and Junsu and Yoochun and Changminnie," said the man named Yunho. And he said it so confidently that Jaejoong would've believed him if he hadn't just come back from killing a mob boss. In a nutshell, Yunho wakes up in a Yakuza AU where Jaejoong's a first class hitman.
Previous Chapters: [01] [02] [03] [04] [05]

A/N: This is an idea that I've been dying to write ever since (a) I got into the whole Yunho / Jaejoong pairing and (b) Tae Goon's MV Call Me came out where Jaejoong made quite the sexy assassin. Though, as you'll see, hitman is a bit different than an assassin. xD

Kissing Yunho can feel like many things.

Sometimes it feels like a giant, flowing river, long and deep and slow. In these moments, Yunho places his fingers under Jaejoong's chin and gently tilts his head up before covering Jaejoong's mouth with his own, tongue warm and heavy and languorous.

They both take their time, Jaejoong tasting each and every crevice of Yunho's mouth. A small sound of pleasure catches in his throat. Yunho's hands brush against his cheeks, his neck, his arms, his back, and though these touches are fleeting, there is a burning residue left behind. It makes pleasure build up slowly inside Jaejoong, a coiling heat that is just never enough to push him over the edge.

Other times it feels like a ray of sunshine, warm and sweet and playful. These are stolen kisses backstage, in the darkness of a movie theatre, at the backseat of a van.

Their lips meet only briefly, the barest of pressure applied, but there's something about it, and the way Yunho looks at him afterwards, that makes Jaejoong's heart flutter like the wings of a firefly in a jar, makes him smile like he's thirteen with a crush.

But then there are moments when kissing Yunho feels like a volcano, wild and scorching and desperate. Jaejoong pushes Yunho's shoulders until they hit the wall and he leans in until there's no space in between them. Jaejoong's breathless and they're pressed so, so close, and Yunho bites Jaejoong's lips and Jaejoong pulls Yunho's hair all the while their tongues graze the other's teeth and slide against the roof of the other's mouth.

Yunho's hands travel down his sides and cups Jaejoong's ass through his jeans, pulling him even closer. Jaejoong gasps right then, and his lips leave Yunho's to kiss his jaw, his shoulders, the hollow of his throat and everything else he can possibly reach with his arms too busy curling at the hair on the nape of Yunho's neck.

"Jaejoong," breathes Yunho, and licks a stripe along the arc of Jaejoong's neck, sucks and bites and caresses the skin there and all Jaejoong can think is don't stop, yes, yes, more, more, more––

.s i x t e e n

Chapter 6
Lost and Found

Yunho had set the alarm clock he had bought early enough so that he would be able to talk to Jaejoong before either of them had to leave. He felt terrible sleeping while the two of them were still angry, but he really was too tired to wait until Jaejoong woke up.

Unfortunately, by the time Yunho woke up, Jaejoong was already gone despite his work not starting for another few hours.

He felt a little disappointed, but he shrugged it off. If Jaejoong was gone then they probably wouldn't get a chance to see each other until breakfast tomorrow (which was really the only time of the day when their paths intersected unless one or both of them had the day off the next day).

Yunho hadn't purchased a lot of things with the money he earned – he had meant it when he said that he wanted Jaejoong to have it. He only bought things like a towel, and a few extra shirts and pants because the nature of his job caused them to need a frequent wash. And all of those stayed in a small pile in the corner of the room along with the heavy blanket Jaejoong had given him to use as bedding.

Over the last few days – had it been a week already? – the apartment had become something of a home to Yunho, more so than the many hotels than he and the band stayed at during tours. This further fuelled his desire to clear the air with Jaejoong as soon as he possibly could.

Nothing would be solved if Yunho didn't start seeing the two of them as different people. He couldn't keep acting with this Jaejoong as he would with the Jaejoong back home because the fact of the matter was they were different people, and as such Yunho's relationship with the Jaejoong that was here would have to be something totally separate.

But, despite the importance of the topic, Yunho couldn't dwell on that now.

He had to go and mentally prepare himself to meet the Shim Changmin of this world.

As it turned out, any and all of Yunho's mental preparation was for naught because he had somehow managed to get himself lost in trying to find Changmin's building.

In his defence, he had never been to this part of the city before. It wasn't even that close to the university. But it was near enough, and not a very long commute. Perhaps it seemed like such a long journey for Yunho because he had been walking for quite a while and turning on all the wrong streets.

He did manage to find it, however, though it was almost five thirty by then. Yunho hoped that Changmin hadn't been home for too long because if Junsu's reaction had been any indication – and really, the number of times he had heard Junsu really yell at someone like that was like, two – then Changmin would be ripping him a new one.

So to speak. But Yunho was too eager to see Changmin to worry about something as trivial as that.

And so with a mixture of excitement and nervousness swirling in his chest, Yunho raised his fist and rapped on the door.

Changmin answered while Yunho's hand was still in mid-air.

"Changmin," he breathed because this was Changmin, standing tall and proud with a worried frown on his face and – what did you do to your hair? a part of Yunho thought in astonishment – Yunho felt so at home that he felt something prickling at the back of his eyes but it couldn't be tears because damn it, Yunho didn't cry. "Changmin-ah––"

He didn't get to finish because Changmin's arms and body wrapped around him right then, an embrace so devastatingly familiar that Yunho actually felt the tears gather behind his closed eyelids as he enclosed his own arms around Changmin in response.

Yunho was a physical person: he loved to ruffle Changmin's hair and pat Junsu companionably on the back; he liked showing affection, be it in a stupid, sappy way like joining hands with Jaejoong as they walked or a comforting, empathetic way like holding an exhausted Yoochun as he rested.

And Changmin gave the best hugs: being taller meant that he had to lean down the slightest bit and fold his entire body against Yunho's own; being met with such literal warmth after days of absolutely nothing meant so much to Yunho that all he could do was hold Changmin back as tightly as he could.

It was with great hesitancy that Yunho let Changmin go a moment later when Changmin said, "Hyung."

"Hmm?" he murmured.

Yunho barely had enough time to catch the punch that was flying towards his jaw.

"What are you doing?" asked Yunho, shocked, palm blocking the trajectory of Changmin's fist.

"You have to let me hit you," said Changmin, still frowning. "I deserve a free punch for all the emotional distress you've put me and Junsu through for the last few days."

Yunho gave him a flat look


"Fine. Fine. Come inside. But you're still going to explain to me exactly why you disappeared from your job without a single word to anybody."

Yunho stepped into the apartment and slipped out of his shoes.

"The others aren't here," called Changmin from the kitchen. "Why they took that stupid course as an elective is beyond me. Why not the intro to biotech like I did?"

"Not everyone's as practical as you, Minnie," said Yunho, sitting down on the couch, wondering for the first time if it was okay to call Changmin that. Though the apartment housed around three people, it wasn't much bigger than Jaejoong's, though it was in much better condition and in a nicer area.

"That's true," agreed Changmin, and threw Yunho a can of pop before coming to sit beside him. "But don't try to distract me. What are you doing here? Where are you staying? Junsu told me that your parents checked your accounts and no money was withdrawn."

Changmin was looking at him with the same single-minded intensity as he often did. And as always, it was a bit disconcerting.

But mostly, Yunho was distracted because he couldn't look away from Changmin's hair.

It was black still – thank goodness – but spiked on the sides, long at the front, trimmed at the back and it didn't look bad, per se, but Yunho could totally see Changmin looking completely hardcore with just a leather jacket and a few chains.

The Changmin back home would have a field day if he ever found out.


"Oh, sorry, Changmin," replied Yunho, focusing his eyes on Changmin's. "I've been, ah, living with a... friend."

He didn't know if it was his place to reveal Jaejoong's identity.

"A friend," repeated Changmin, quirking an eyebrow. "Who do you possibly know here besides––"

He stopped.

"Oh, wait. Do you mean Kuroki?"

"Meisa?" asked Yunho, surprised. "No..."

"Good," said Changmin, "because it's never a good idea to stay overnight with an ex, even if you decided to be friends after the breakup."

Though surprised at this new bit of knowledge, Yunho couldn't hep but grin.

"Since when are you the expert on relationships?" he asked teasingly before realizing, crap, this isn't the Changmin I know. Because although Yunho was planning on telling Changmin everything, he planned on doing so tactfully. No reason to put Changmin on edge before he actually started with the story.

But thankfully Changmin didn't find anything wrong with what he said because he simply smiled a small smile and said, "Since always, hyung."

Yunho set the soda can on the table in front of him.

"Listen, Changmin," he said, "there's something I need to tell you and I need you to. To. Just listen to what I'm saying, please, even though you might want to kick me out of here when you find out."

Because as much as Yunho didn't want that to happen – because Changmin was so endearingly Changmin that Yunho didn't think he could take it if it did – he still had to face the possibility that it could.

But Changmin just looked at him with dark, steady eyes and said, "Hyung, if I've put up with you for all these years then I don't think you can do anything to make me kick you out."

But you haven't been putting up with me, thought Yunho, grief entering his heart.

He forced a smile on his face.

"If you say so," he said quietly. Then, taking a deep breath, "As you know, this entire mess started about a week ago."

There was something both comforting and intimidating in the way Changmin didn't once look away from Yunho as he told his story.

It was eerily similar to when Yunho was explaining to Jaejoong, except Changmin looked at the pictures with calm interest and thoughtfulness instead of outright shock.

"You're staying with Hero?" was the first thing Changmin said, a few moments after Yunho finished.

There was mild disbelief lacing his voice.

"Yeah," said Yunho before adding, "but Changmin, that isn't the main point..."

"No, no," said Changmin, laughing a little. Yunho wondered if Changmin had gone into shock because his reaction was a bit worrying. "It's just funny because––"

He stopped, and shook his head.

"So let me get this straight," he said instead. "You're Jung Yunho, but you don't study law. You're instead a celebrity, part of a band along with... Junsu, Hero, this Yoochun and I, and you think you and the Yunho I know have switched places because there's something you have to do here?"

Yunho felt a bit put-out.

"Well, when you put it like that..."

"No, no," said Changmin, shaking his head. "Please don't misunderstand. I'm not disregarding what you're saying; it's just that I'm a scientist at heart and even you have to admit this sounds strange."

"I know, but––"

"But I believe you."

The words that Yunho had been preparing stopped in his throat.

"What?" he asked in disbelief. "You do? So easily?"

Changmin shrugged.

"Sure," he said. "Yunho-hyung isn't the type of person to just leave work and come to another country without telling anyone. And from what Junsu told me it seemed like a strange way you disappeared, the chain was still on the door and everything. And it's not like you were taken by force because you seem perfectly fine..."

"Why do you and Junsu seem to think that there are people after me?" asked Yunho a bit sullenly.

Changmin smiled amusedly.

"Because there are," he said simply. And perhaps Changmin saw something in Yunho's face right then because he added, "Don't worry hyu – Jung-shhi, it's not because you, or rather, your counterpart, did something illegal or owe the wrong people money or something like that."

He looked at Yunho thoughtfully.

"This really is a strange phenomenon," he said, reaching forward and touching Yunho's face almost curiously. And Yunho, at that moment, hated how desperately needy he was for any human contact that he automatically leaned into Changmin's hand. "You act a little different, but you look exactly like he does. You even have the same scar right here..."

His fingers brushed across Yunho's eyebrow.

"Changmin – Shim-shhi – can you please tell me about the Jung Yunho that you know? Because I don’t know what I'm doing here and how long I'm here for or––"

"There's actually quite a lot to say," said Changmin, his brows drawing together in thought. "Especially if you've actually replaced Yunho-hyung... I'm just trying to adjust because you are so similar to him."

"How is he like?"

Changmin looked hesitant, like he would have liked more time to think of an answer.

"It's hard to describe people simply in words," he started slowly, "but you're both... polite. And react well in times of crisis – well, you know, I'm assuming because I think what's happening to you is a bit of a dilemma." Yunho smiled a little at Changmin's dry tone. "But you are very... open."

Changmin stopped for a moment.

"Though Yunho-hyung is very direct and passionate about the things he believes in and cares for – such as Junsu, myself, his family and his school and work – he doesn't show how he feels so readily to others. Like now, for instance, you're listening to me attentively but I can tell that you're focusing on dealing with this situation because otherwise you're afraid you might break down."

Yunho blinked in surprise.

"That's amazing."

"Perhaps it's because I remind you of the Shim Changmin in your world that you are so open with me," shrugged Changmin. "But Yunho-hyung, though he is more reserved when dealing with most people, acts like you are when he's around me. It's uncanny. In fact, I wouldn't have thought anything about it if it wasn't for the fact that you were so shocked at the sight of my hair when hyung was there when it happened."

"I – he didn't do anything to try and stop it?" asked Yunho, wondering how anyone who was like him in any way would allow something like this to happen.

"Wouldn't have done much good. There was a bet. Junsu-hyung won. I lost. Though I'm sure he rigged it somehow because there's no way he could beat me otherwise."

Yunho smiled because this was just... so Changmin and Junsu.

"So anyway," said Changmin, cracking his knuckles. "There are some things that you need to know. A lot of things, actually because Yunho-hyung's life's a bit of a mess right now."

"I'm just having trouble believing that you're accepting what I'm saying so easily," said Yunho. "With Hero I had to go through death threats and claims that I was mentally unstable..."

"Call it a gut feeling," said Changmin. "I'd analyze this situation more until I was certain that you are who you say you are, but you've provided me with enough evidence and sometimes, you just have to go with what your instincts tell you."

"That sounds like something I'd tell Changmin."

Changmin smiled his same quiet smile.

"Well, Yunho-hyung told me, so."

Yunho missed Changmin – his Changmin – so much right then that it felt like a tidal wave of sorrow had washed over him. The brief moment of comfort and security he'd felt when this Changmin had hugged him earlier was long gone, and Yunho already missed it.

Because it was in moments like these, when Yunho was near people who were so familiar yet complete strangers to him that he realized that he had no one here. It was hard to talk to people at the construction site when there was so much work to do, and even then he missed the intimacy that he had with his friends back home.

And it sucked – completely and royally sucked – to not be able to do something as simple as put his arm around Changmin's shoulder or give Jaejoong a hug.

Because as far as anyone was concerned they were strangers, and it didn't matter that they reminded Yunho of people he knew vice versa.


"Shim-shhi," said Yunho, closing his eyes as mortification swept through him. "I know that I'm not the Yunho that you know and what I'm about to ask might seem rude––"

Changmin cocked his head to the side.

"What is it?"

"Can I––" Yunho stopped and swallowed, and the look on Changmin's face got all the more curious. "Can I please call you Changmin?"

Yunho could feel his cheeks growing warm but damn it, he needed this. He needed to feel as though he had something, someone, when even Jaejoong – Jaejoong – didn't know who he was.

But despite being quieter, more distant, and more considering than the immature, snarky, but endlessly warm Changmin that Yunho knew, there was something akin to kindness in this Changmin's eyes when he said, "Of course."

Yunho let out a sigh. "Thank you."

Changmin shook his head, looking bemused, but didn't answer.

"Now," he said instead, "I need to fill you in on a lot of things because if something happens and you end up getting hurt because you had no idea what was going on... I don't need that on my conscience."

At that, all of Yunho's previous apprehension came rushing back.

"So, let's get the basics out of the way," said Changmin. "Jung Yunho, born on February 6, 1986, is currently studying law at Harvard. Well, he's doing an internship with a firm right now because its summer break there, but you get the gist of it..."


Er, sorry that this chapter is a bit shorter than the last few. But because I'm planning to make the story fit in the original 20 chapters I had planned, chapters from now on will be longer than before. Jaejoong was supposed to make an appearance in this, but then everything would be really random and asjdklj. D=

I have to admit, I've gotten a bit lazy. xD Between the last update and this one, I (started and) finished watching Atashinchi no Danshi (this cute, adorable little family drama with Maki ♥ I've seriously watched so much random stuff for her, I swear =/) and all 8 available episodes of Triple. Which, you know, basically took up every minute of free time that I have. =l

I hope you enjoyed reading Chapter 6! =D


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